Revolut Beta Program

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It would be great If you launch beta program of the app through TestFlight for iOS. With this we will have the pleasure to enjoy newer versions (In this case Revolut 4.3) and features of Revolut, and with that to provide feedback and bug reports through the TestFlight platform. Think about this! :relaxed::wink::r:

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Hey guys,

Please vote on the poll down below, If you would like to participate in the Revolut Beta Program!

  • Yes
  • No

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And Android BETA program


Revolut beta testing is already available. See more in this news article

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i can not to sign in. I would like to test but my google account is not supported.

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Me neither :disappointed_relieved: What should I do?

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I got the same problem as well!

Did this program really start? Is there anybody who took a part? I have information that I’m on the list but still cannot to get beta app. The message I see is: “Application is unavailable on this account.”

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where i sing up for ios beta tester;


U install TestFlight and follow the link in the last post of the blog :grin:

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In beta, do we still get offers like 5 friends for free Metal or money for invites? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Yes, this type of promotion still applies.