Revolut bank address



I am a Revolut UK user trying to make a SEPA bank transfer to my Revolut EUR account. In addition to IBAN and BIC, the sending bank is asking me for the bank name and address. I assume the bank name is simply ‘Revolut’, but can anyone tell me which address to use?

Many thanks in advance.


Hey, under “SWIFT” You can find the address for Revolut, i am pretty sure that is the one you need. Just make sure to use the IBAN from the “LOCAL” tap


Thank you. I used the address from the SWIFT section as you suggested and can confirm that it worked.


Hi Henrik, I had the same query as Jensenm, however there is no street address listed for Revolut under the DWIFT tab - only iban and bic addresses. The bank I’m transferring from needs an city and street address for the bank I’m sending the money to…I’d imagine this is some generic address - perhaps the Revolut bank HQ address for each country…any suggestions? thanks


Hey Johnnyor

You can use this site to enter the BIC and it will spit out the complete address


Hi. I found Revolut MasterCard and I would like to send this card back but I can’t find any address of this bank. Can anybody help me and give me some advice what to do with this card. many thanks


Can you contact them on Twitter? That would be an easy way to talk to them directly.


Just send them a message via the in-app support chat. You can also see the address here: