Revolut ATM's in major world airports


I know, I know, I’m dreaming here, but would be cool if there was multi-currency Revolut ATM’s in major world airports. So people could withdraw cash and Revolut could gain even more popularity. Sure, perhaps this idea does not have any chance regarding to costs doing this. But just imagine… :slight_smile:


Thats actually not a bad idea. :+1:

It could also serve a marketing tool for Revolut.



You guys are really determined to encourage Revolut to launch yet another service while the core service (you know what I am talking about :wink:) needs attention. Please don’t :wink:

Jokes aside, interesting idea which will probably not happen. Even if it generates revenue, it is all down to their vision of doing business. A little bit like asking Revolut to open a few brick and mortar branches in every country.


Would it be equally absurd if I would suggest that Amazon should open a real brick and mortar book store? :wink:


Unfortunately you made a very good point here :expressionless:

Probably not.

Well, if you dont consider it just as an ATM but also as a potential advertisement for Revolut :thinking:

moon suggested ATMs in major airports not a proper branch network :wink: