Revolut as crypto payment


As the Litepay launch for Litecoin was basically a damp squib and pretty much a failure … do you not think that Revolut can work with the Litecoin foundation to become the card of choice for spending Litecoin, you already have a customer base of 1.5m, and I am sure this would drastically increase if you started to seriously think about a more user friendly way to buy, sell exchange crypto with Revolut.

I am sure you would have to change some of your model, i.e., you would need to allow transfers of litecoin in and out of revolut with no fee’s, and of course or at least a way that Revolut can “pull” LTC from a Revolut customers personal wallet when an LTC transaction is taking place.

I am sure that Revolut would quite like 1% of all LTC retail purchases and exchanges, which at the moment may be few and far between, but as adoption increases, I am sure it is probably worth quite a lot to your future company earnings.

You could even keep the model you use for buying and selling crypto as its quite an easy process (if not quite expensive compared to some ways) … but you would definitely need to allow external transfers of crypto one way or another at no cast.

How about sending a Tweet to Charlie or the Litecoin foundation to see if there is common ground that you can both work on.

Just an idea, but as crypto will eventually become mainstream … I think you could be in a pretty good position to be the No1 crypto payment card, just as Bitcoin is the No1 crypto based on being first past the post.


What does that even mean? I’m not aware that any POS terminal or payment processor actually processes payments with crypto as a currency. Paying via crypto usually means scanning a barcode or using a phone’s NFC maybe. But as long as the credit card networks do not support this, how would No1 crypto payment card actually work?