Revolut app won't open

I was in the app earlier today. Tried to go back in, enter my code but it just sits there and doesn’t let me in. Can you advise why this is? Need to make payment.

Maybe just use this?

Thanks - but I haven’t forgotten my code so why would I need to do this?

Maybe I have understood you wrong…
I thought that you was able to log in, and now you are not for some reason. (Wrong code?)
In other case I would suggest delete the app and then reinstall it.

Can you delete and reinstall the app?

Hi, yes, I can, but I do not see that as a solution. I have the correct pin number and the app should open. It opened for me later yesterday evening, then again wouldn’t. So there is an issue with the app recognising the pin number which needs to be addressed by Revolut. Looking at previous queries, this is not the first time it has happened, so I would appreciate Revolut letting me know how they are investigating this issue.
Thanks for your help.

Hey there. Sorry for the long wait. I missed this as you didn’t tag me or @JessicaZ. Are you still unable to log in?