Revolut app: we are sorry, something has gone wrong


Hey there,

Anybody experience the same? I just upgraded Revolut and now I can’t do anything cos I always get:

We are sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try again later.


Try to delete and install the app again. This might help you out. It could be that :r: is experiencing a lot of traffic and new users due to the premium feature which rolled out.


nope the system was down. Its working again.


I have the same problem.


Did you try delete and reinstall the app?


the same problem, but reinstall not help


Same issue. Still can’t get into my app :frowning:


I get the same message. Reinstalling the app doesn’t help.


Same here. Can’t sign-up to the app.


On revolut’s twitter it says “Unfortunately, the issue is impacting app functionality. Our tech team is working to fix it ASAP”. But the last update from Revolut was 1 hour ago.


Same. Cant Login. Cant sign in. Something went wrong Problem.


Cards refused in Spain this morning - same technical issue? Not just us?


Me too. My card was declined too but I am sure I have the funds in there. Has this been happening to anyone else?


My card refused as well in UK.


I can log in to my app but after I cant do exchange or send any money …Please help


Also happening here. Regardless if on 3G/LTE/Wifi, after a reboot, sign out/in. Berlin, Germany


thanks…not only me then, perhaps something with the system…this morning was ok


Is anyone else finding that they can’t use their revolut card in stores? Declined?


The same message for me (UK), I tried to reboot but nothing happened


The app is still not working. Very unacceptable. Why would it take so long to fix things? That’s people’s money you are holding