Revolut App Serious Crash

I’m on IOS 12.5.1 and app keeps crashing after logging in. Working fine before update. I’m unable to change or access any features on the app. Is it possible to backdate app to older version compatible with OS

just to say this quickly, when I try to log into the website, I have been told that my code is wrong…this is insane

I have exactly the same problem, and I am also on iOS 12.5.1, I have tried to delete app than turn off the phone then reinstall the app, but nothing is working

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Looks like this was an issue with the app update. I checked mine today 10am GMT and all is working. Very annoying that the only support is an in app chat function. If the app isn’t working how are you supposed to resolve the issue you are having.

It’s not the only option.

You can also log in on the website. And you can contact support via social media.

How do I send a message. I am an iPhone user who updated revolut app today and all it does on login is crash back to black screen. I need help.

Revolut App crash after latest update. I cant see my virtual card information because of this problem.

What about logging in on the website? Card management is possible there as well.

I also have exactly the same problem. crashes everytime after login

Iphone user : same crash and no way to contact any human beings. Does someone know a way to access support other than by the app itself? Many thanks.

Scroll up a little, my post 5 days ago.

Thank you Franck, I have indded acces to my account via internet. I have started a chat… Let’s see how they solve the problem… Thank you again.

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