Revolut App Serious Crash

The latest version of the Revolut app as of today has a serious problem with crashing. Not only has the app crashed but my whole phone.
When opening the app and entering my passcode a black screen with the manufacturer’s logo appears (Samsung in my case) and the phone restarts.
I cannot access any of my funds.
Some other people also with Samsung phones have reported this too.


I have no access to my app my card doesn’t work what do I do I can’t contact them

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I have downgraded the app to the latest release of the previous version 6 and it still crashes.
It has to do something with the Samsung’s new OneUI update to Android 10.

Please explain how that was achieved as many have asked in a different thread how this could be done…

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I have the exact same issue described here. I am using a Samsung A10 and latest version 7.1 causes the phone to reboot itself when I open the app. I have time to enter in a few digits of the PIN before the reboot happens.

Oddly, after a reboot I still receive notifications from the App, I just cant open the app to read these notifications. This has only happened since the latest 7.x updates.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, everything seems to work fine with setting the account up on my phone again until I get to the screen to enter my pin, then it crashes

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Samsung A10 user here. Revolut crashes phone. App unusable. Have reinstalled app and also factory reset on phone. Still crashes. Any solution?

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Same here. After Revolut app update (31.05.2020) can’t use Revolut. I can log in but after entry in to app can watch just blank screen with no data. Didn’t see money amount, card settings and so on. If that happens often then Revolut will lost a lot customers…

I also have a Samsung Galaxy A10 as well as another user that posted above. Maybe this is a device specific problem?

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I downloaded the APK file of an older version from a 3rd party source, APKMirror in my case.
APKMirror seems safe but I can’t say the same for other sources so do this at your own risk.

I have the same problem with my A10;
I really need to access the money but no idea how to contact Revolut or how else I can get hold of my money since the app is broken!

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@Mattysmith You may find this link useful then:

Have you tried the latest Revolut update from today?
Same problem exists. I removed the previous version of the app, restarted the phone, installed the new version.

When I first set up the account everything works perfectly but once I close the app and try to get back in to it the phone still crashes when I type in my pin, facial recognition doesn’t seem to work either

Samsung A10 with exactly the same issue here. Anyone know any developments on ways round to access banking? Never looked into it, but perhaps I can do it though revoluts website.

Important Update: I’m in the Beta program on the Appstore and on the latest version and it works without crashing.
I don’t know at which version they fixed it and if it is fixed on the nonbeta but they fixed it on the beta.

Why has “switching to beta” been marked as a solution? It is not as it is limited to the small number accepted into the program. All Samsung devices in my family household have been affected by this bug, and as a result any users with an affected device has no resolution at this time.

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I tried installing v7.2 there and the same problem for me (Samsung A10). Works fine on my samsung tablet though.

Im going to try the beta version as I need access to my account and my tablet isn’t the most convenient thing to carry around in my pocket!

I tried the Beta version for v7.3 . Still the exact same problem. App freaks out at the screen for entering the pin and the phone restarts.

Very fustrating. Do support look through these posts? Ive emailed feedback@ a few days back but got nothing back. Im more than willing to provide diagnostics if needs be

Adding money to vault doesn’t work and turning the spare change system in the vault on isn’t working on new app

Just solved the vault issue had to clear cookies and reset phone

I cant login on the app it always comes up with a message error