Revolut app on two devices. Possible?

As in title… is it possible to have Revolut app active on two different devices (without one disabling the other) ??

Have somebody tested it?

Not possible. As soon as you try to log in through another device, your account will get transferrred to the new device as your account is connected to only one mobile number.

Sure, works fine on two devices. But you’ll always need access to the smart phone with the number you’ve signed up with. It’s used for 2FA.

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The app runs on devices that arent “connected” just fine. But one still needs access to the main phone in various scenarios, to be able to receive texts.

I am using the app on a phone and on a tablet simultaneously without problems. Just log in on your second device with the phone no. from the first device.

There are a couple of things to consider, though. Location based security for cards comes to mind.