Revolut App on LineageOS/AOSP?

I was thinking of installing a OSS-Image on my Phone (AOSP-based, or LineageOS)…

As this requires root - does anybody have experience with the revolut-App on a OSS-Android? (does it run out of the box or does it need some “tinkering”?)

As far as I know financial apps don’t work on rooted devices for security reasons.

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Well no problems so far with Lineage OS

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As far as I know installing a different ROM doesn’t require rooting. You only do it if you want to. And the functionality of the app depends on the way you root it. If I remember correctly the Revolut app works when the phone is rooted with Magisk.

Revolut works when you have root permission on your device. But login with fingerprint won’t work, you’ll have to insert PIN everytime you open the app.

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Revolut worked fine with LOS 15.1 (not rooted, no gapps, stock LOS).
But with 16.0 it is crashing like 5 to 15 seconds after I open it.
Has anyone a similar issue?

Hmm It works on LOS 16 without any problems for me

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Is any one of you by chance using a Nexus5x?

(that’s the device I’d like to install a customROM - yet I had to postpone, apparently the creditcard-App (not revolut) shall not like customROMs)

It works for me on LOS 15 except the top-up.

Do you have GApps installed or anything done besides stock?

Yup gapps are installed together with magisk

Seems it won’t work anymore as long as Your device is rooted…
I could not install 5.51 using Play Store and after getting it other way the app crashes…

Didn’t know if the root was the reason, till I didn’t got an mail from Revolut (was talking with them coz of “your device is not supported” in Play Store) with question: “[…] could you please confirm if your device is rooted?”…

MAGISK Hide doesn’t help…

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Thanks for your input @Ch3mn3y - i postponed my plan to install a customROM. JUST because revolut - because there’s no other way to manage the account. (atm, :r: is the only card i have that supports GPay in CH - kinda essential.)

It’s a real shame if one thinks about it:
Transferwise: runs perfectly in a browser AND on a tablet.
Neon (a CH-online-bank) also on a tablet.
Even the app of my main-bank runs (now/finally) on a tablet.

Only Revolut ONLY runs on smartphones only - and only if one does not install a customROM. …not the best way to “behave on the market” (especially since there are a lot of topic mentioning "there should be a 2nd way to manage the account other to the smartphone - bc smartphones can brake or get stollen)…

I still use lineage OS (rooted)) and I’m still able to update and use revolut :smile:

I’m on a custom ROM with Magisk and I have no issues with the Revolut app (as long as it is enabled in MagiskHide). Google Pay also works with a workaround which is explained on xda-developers.

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Seems You are right. On my other device, rooted as well (with AEX, but Nougat, bot Oreo as the problematic device) Revolut works fine.

Dunno what’s the problem as even previous versions stopped working. No problem with Google Pay, my banking app. Only Revolut has some problems…
Just after I got Play Store info that my device is not supported anymore…

Any of You use Xiaomi device? I have Mi Max 2 and am afraid if it’s not coz of USA-China “war”… The other device is Motorola one, so i wouldn’t be affected.