Revolut app fails with multiple formats of same phone number


I tried to send a payment to another Revolut user. Because for privacy reasons I keep the minimum possible data in my Android contacts list I temporarily created a new contact in order to send the payment and I entered the phone number in international format as +44123456789. A long time ago I had already sent a payment to this user (same phone number) but using UK national format 0123456789.

It created a weird situation where the other user requested money from me and it worked fine I saw their details etc. But when I separately tried to send money to them it failed, seeing the other person as “not yet a Revolut user” and offered me a link to send to them to collect their money.

If I just kept everything in my Android contact list then the bug would not have been encountered. A lot of people do not like to do that however (see the other thread about contacts’ privacy.) Revolut app should understand that it is same number but two legitimate different formats.

Added later:
By mistake I did try to send the payment to the wrong-format number user. Revolut then sent me a text message with a six-digit code so I switched to the messaging app to read the code. When I switched back to Revolut app it was hung up with a moving circle and after a few minutes I had to force-stop it.



Hi Funn3r, thanks for getting in touch. I’ll send you a private message to see if we can investigate this further. Regards


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