Revolut app doesn't lock itself instantly


So I’ve been fiddling arond with the app a bit and noticed a flaw that could do some damage.

The thing is Revolut doesn’t lock itself instantly when I leave the app. It stays unlocked for more than 10 seconds afterward (didn’t bother to count any longer) and it even stays unsecured when switching between apps.

Is there a way you could add an option to choose to lock the app as soon as you leave it? Or maybe set a time after which the app locks itself?

Edit: seems Revolut will ask for password after 15 seconds.


It is rather idea than bug :wink:
@AndreasK could you address it to relevant team?


I was thinking about the most suitable category for my post. I guess you’re right.


It appears to lock after 15 seconds of being inactive. Really dont consider that an issue.


If you aren’t able to change the place of this post- I can help you.


The app locks after 15 second :slight_smile:


Yes, we know that :yum:. It would be fine to have possibility of change it…


You mean to increase the timeout? There is little necessity to decrease it :slight_smile:


I mean- have possibility to change it (in this particular topic- you’re right- decrease it)


Thanks for the clarification, increase yes, maybe for those who dont want it to lock straight away but IMHO it is not necessariy to make it customisable just to decrease it - 15 seconds is pretty safe :slight_smile: