Revolut app 5.12 broken update for Android?


after upgrading the :r: app to version 5.12 on my Android 7.1.1 phone my account is no longer working properly. :frowning:

  • App told me my account has to be verified … I did that several months ago
  • Credit cards are not visible or readable

After deleting and reinstalling the app, no data is available in the app.
Next try: Now only “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later” error

OMG. Not again!

Maybe you unwittingly signed up for Revolut’s alpha programme :wink:

Can you go back to 5.11?

I think the release of metal have increased the load on their servers. I see intermittent errors too on iOS.

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There is already an update for android fixing this issue, at least for me it did.

Can confirm it, just upgraded to 5.12 and it stopped working.

It just prompted me to verify my account. 5.12 seems to be … very fresh :wink:

I’ve just received another update and a few things still don’t work properly; e.g: Deactivate US account: We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.

i can not use revolut, money are missing!!!
card do not work!

Is there any global problem today?

No update yet, still on the previous 5.12 version. Will revert to 5.11 later today unless they publish a fix.

Maybe I was a bit premature with my criticism. It seem 5.12 has somewhat settled in now. For now it behaves.

If I may take a guess, maybe Revolut changed some interfaces between .11 and .12 and the new ones were not yet fully ready on the server-side and hence it behaved in that way earlier. Just a guess though :slight_smile:

Same problem here. Got the message on front page that I needed to verify my account, already is. Nothing happened when I clicked on it. Card is whited out, seems gone.

Same problems. Pin not showing. Freeze/unfreeze card is very very slow. Card detail is unavailable. (internet connection is ok)

In my case freezing/unfreezing the card helped.

Support chat does not work in 5.12 for me. I can’t hit the send button.