Revolut and trust (questionnaire)

We do know and probably understand that they are a startup yet but the idea is awesome and the service is pretty good when it works. Issues starts when something stops working and we are in need of the support hence my question:

How well do you trust Revolut? in particular how much money do you keep on your Revolut account on a regular bases? Is that 100€, 1000€, 10000€ maybe even more?

Let us know!

Hey @zwt :slight_smile:

My two cents:

  • Long-term trust: they will not run away with my money and it will not suddenly vanish. That seems difficult and unlikely (didn’t say impossible, happens even with banks).
  • Immediate reliability: quite high, although I make sure I always have a backup card with me. Never experienced sudden locks of my account as I’ve made a reasonable use of the account, verified beforehand and maybe been lucky, but maintenances and breakdowns were really usual (seems they’re not anymore).

I’d keep anything from 0€ to 15.000€ (doesn’t mean I actually do) in :r: and start feeling uncomfortable from there as of now. That might change when/if they get a banking license.

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As less as possible since I can top up with my card instantly and start using it right away

To add mine: I currently have about 4k in total, spread over in different currencies and I believe that would be my limit here.

that’s a good strategy though I recently discovered that they now have a lower limit of 10€ probably due to payments gateway costs and in the future they might start charging a little for top-ups by card.

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Source? Or just pure speculation?

It is illegal inside the eu to have fee’s on credit/debit (non-business cards) card usage such as top ups.

More information can be found here:

Just try to top-up by card with 5€ and it will shows the min top-up is 10€.

Sorry, but that is not a charge for topping up. You still get the 10eur.

I never said there is a charge! What I said is that until now you could top up your account with any amount - more than 1€ - however from now on it needs to be min. 10€.

Topping up with a card always had a minimum of 10€ since I joined if I remember correctly (which doesn’t always happen). And that’s more than two years ago :confused:

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uhm I never noticed, might be my bad then.