Revolut and LT.


Since I’ve had it, my Revolut card has always worked on London Transport for contactless payments (both DLR and tube gatelines, and buses)
About 10 days ago it stopped working totally. I’ve mailed LT and they’ve confirmed that there’s no problem at their end.
Revolut in app support is hopeless. I’ve gone through three people so far. All take many hours to respond and then decide to “close” the case as they are going home.
I might have thought it was a strange interoperability issue between Revolut and LT. Except that tonight my card’s just been refused by Asda.
Which makes me think the problem is between Revolut and whoever processes it’s payments. Which is not a good sign.
Fortunately I don’t have much money on the card. And I’m not going to add any more just in case.
Anyone else got any accounts of things not working in the past 10 days that used to work before, so we can get a feel for the size of the problem?