Revolut and Financial Brokers

Hi there,

I’ve been reading through the community posts and I’ve found answers regarding financing broker accounts using the Revolut account.

What I am currently wondering about is what is the process that I should follow if I would want to top-up my Revolut account via bank transfer of USD to Revolut from Etoro. Is this possible?


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I was looking a few weeks ago for an answer to this.
In the end, I tried : from eToro, send money to Revolut using my USD IBAN (with XXX appended at the end) and BIC (different name but same as SWIFT). 50USD transfer, of course eToro charges 5USD but that’s explained and normal. I received 45USD on my USD Revolut account a few days later. So no hidden fees, not hassle.
I’ve read around and saw people saying hidden fees might come and go though, depending on the routing of the specific transaction so my experience might not apply every time. I’ll update if I try it again, share the results !

Weird, today it seems this doesn’t work anymore… I think eToro blocked this recently :