Revolut and crypto currencies exchange


Good morning, can I deposit money from a crypto currency exchange to revolut? Thanks


Hey @josettefenech80 :slight_smile:

No, you can’t yet. You don’t own crypto itself, but crypto exposure. Therefore, you can’t technically send or receive crypto outside :r:.


You might want to check out the blog post about Revolut’s crypto offers.


Hi there. At the moment you can buy, sell & transfer within Revolut! However, we’re looking into the possibility. Please note, we’ve communicated this long before we launched this feature


I’ve now read this blog post and you do make it clear, however, not all of your 1.5m users would have seen this before they bought crypto using Revolut, I hadn’t. I bought ETH this morning and now cannot transfer out, frustrating! The message should be embedded and shown in the app at the time you make your purchase.


When you sign up for crypto currency it is also mentioned. Unless they have made some changes. Is was told when crypto was unlocked for me resent.


Nice scam indeed, is it ever advised to hodl in online wallets or trading platforms? >>> NO never do this (if you don’t want to loose)

And this exactly the only thing R offers!
R also jumping on crypto for afterlife soon? give us your money and get it back on the other side, we pinky promise…

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