Revolut and Coinbase

did anyone try to transfer money from Revolut to Coinbase? I read that transfers are possible but…
I’ve done a pilot transaction for 2EUR. It was declined by Coinbase however, the 2EUR never came back to my Revolut account. Have anyone tried it? Did it work?
I don’t want to risk bigger amounts until know for sure.

Coinbase was declining my card because of no 3D-secure

Have you read this?

There are many similar articles:

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No, I haven’t seen it. Thanks Redi :slight_smile:

I did a transfer to Coinbase last Friday, which worked perfectly.
Not my preferred exchange, but many of them are blacklisted by Revolut.

I made my first 2 euro transfer to Coinbase and it worked perfectly. But after that I did three small tranfers to Coinbase from Revolut and all got rejected and sent back to Revolut account no reason mentioned. Frustrating thing is that there was no way to ask from Coinbase or revolut what was the reason? You can send a message but non seem to answer specific question

Have you tried Bitstamp? It’s a good alternative.

I should have mentioned.

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