Revolut Ambassador


I’m a Revolut Ambassador and normally when sharing my invitation to my friends they did not have to pay for the card fee.
But now it happened to a friend.
Can anyone explain if anything changed?


AFAIK nothing has changed. Probably there was a problem with communication between website and Google play. (I suppose that it was on Android because I’ve never heard about this problem on IOS)


Tell them to contact support and I think they will refund them :100:


Hi @MacBern. I want to be a Revolut ambassador myself. I referred so many friends to Revolut and everyday. Can you tell me the process?


Hi, I believe (not 100% sure) that I asked in Twitter how to become an Ambassador. And one day they said that it was done.
That or I talked here in the forum… but can’t remeber for sure. sorry


so what benefits do you get as being an Ambassador?


maybe the best is the fact that you can give your friends cards for free


Hey @harshk thanks for offering your help. We are actually looking for new Brand Ambassasors, email me at if you’re interested to know more about the program.


Dimitris Litsikakis
Business Development Europe


I have sent you mail about my interest.


I am also interested about being an ambassador