Revolut Affiliate program


Hi all,
Are you planning to implement, or does there already exist a Revolut affiliate program?

Whereby an e-commerce site checkout can promote the use of, or show a link to a Revolut sign-up page.
Both earning a small commission for the referral whilst also generating new users of Revolut and adding awareness of the awesome service.
In fact I’d even scrap the commission bit, it’s just an awesome service to make users aware of.

Any info would be much appreciated.



Actually the kind of affiliate program that offered 5GBP to the person who shared the special link to another person that created its account has been shutdown.

It will maybe come back a day ; who knows? :smiley:



Ok, forgetting a reward, is there a [official] link image etc to publish or embed etc?
Just to promote or point customers to the site to use this great service.

eg for customers shopping in the UK for products sold in Euros, providing a link for them to use Revolut with interbank rates is doing the customer a favour, which feeds back into the stores reputation blah blah blah

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No I think there is no such system, so great idea :wink:



I would love to see an affiliate program too! And believe me, there are A LOT of people waiting for this if they find this out. It would be very lucrative. Please keep me updated.



Also interested for an affiliate program…



Hi I have a travel website and run seminars about travelling to Italy. I discovered Revolut 1 year ago (a friend suggested me) and loved it. It would be easy to introduce Revolut in the ‘tips’ part of my seminar/site and write a blog on it… how I could be part of your affiliate program ? Thank you Barbara



Hi all,

Thank you for your interest in being part of the Revolut Affiliate Program.

Feel free to drop me an email on with your ideas on how you plan to execute a cool affiliate campaign (blog, social media, email, etc ?) and our business development team will evaluate.

Looking forward hearing from you!

Dimitris Litsikakis
Revolut, Business Development Europe



Hello Sir, i send you an email two weeks ago about an Gaming Tournament Platform Affiliate.
I not reviece any answer for you!