Revolut account not credited with bank transfer


Dear Revolut,

On Monday I transferred £1300 to my Revolut account. It left my bank on the same day but has not been credited to my Revolut account. Where’s is it please ? No one from customer services is replying to me. I’m really worried, please help


Under these circumstances I would contact your bank and ask if they are able to reverse the transfer. If you for any possible reason you’ve mistyped a detail it could very well be held in limbo by the reviving bank. In this case Barclays.

Contact your bank. And try again using your debit card to load the cash. Which would load instantly. This sort of problem happened before with PayPal with me. Sometimes large transfers can be held by banks pending authorisation under anti-money laundering laws. Within your app contact a representative from revolut they do reply within a few hours during working days. If they’ve seen the message chances are they’ll look into it before providing you with a concise answer.

Don’t panic I know it’s not nice knowing money isn’t in your hands but it will be resolved.


I guess reversing the transfer won’t be possible anymore from the sender’s bank side. Contact Revlolut’s in app chat for help. They can help identifying your money with the sender’s IBAN, in case you forgot or mistyped the reference code.


Looks like this would be something for @AndreasK


@AndreasK to the rescue!


I wouldn’t panic, my transfers have taken up to 5 working days. Just make sure you have sent it to the correct bank details and used your reference number.


Apologies for my delay response @Tash6607.

Did you contact our support team? Has your transfer credited to your account?


Andeas K.