Revolut account is locked in app, no response from support team



I am writing on behalf of my wife, for she does not speak English, who is unable to use her Revolut account and money. The app asked to provide her id and her photo, she did that, and still the account is blocked for 3 days now.The support team responded once saying, that they sent the case to relevant team, but still no response from them. Support team does not respond to our messages anymore.

What should I we do? Could somebody help us with this. Thanks



Hello @darius.pranskus,

Could you please send me a direct message with her phone number so I can help.

Click on my name AndreasK then Message.


Andreas K


Hi @AndreasK

Thanks. When I click on your name I do not see the Message link or button.

Regards Darius



I have sent you a direct message


my account block yesterday I send massage and they not respond me any thing


So i think it would be good to have an explanation on why is this happening in order to avoid it to happen to other people.