Revolut account in EURO + send money to PLN


For example. I want to create account in EURO currency. How to send money to my Polish bank in PLN ? Should i convert Euro to PLN using revolut exchange first or no ? How to do it ? I dont want to pay exchange fee from bank in PLN. Your odds are look better. Today 1 euro =4,18 , in my bank 4,17 ~~ )

Hi there.

To transfer any of our supported 26 currencies to your bank account, tap the “Payments” button on the main navigation screen in the app. Select ‘To bank account’ and tap ‘Add a new beneficiary’. Add your bank details, then you can simply enter the amount, currency and hit send.

Transfers to a UK bank account take a few hours if you have activated your personal GBP account. If not, your transfer should take 1-2 working days. International transfers take up to 5 working days.

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Ok thanks but U dont answer on my question
Should i use an exchange ?

He kind of did :wink:

Just follow his explanation.

Tap Transfers, then go from there. (You do not have to exchange beforehand.)


What about fee
i wrote

BlockquoteWe stream the prices from the exchanges we’ve partnered with and calculate a Volume Wighted Average Price (VWAP). Our derived rate takes into account other factors such as market depth and volatility. We then apply a 1.5% mark-up on our derived rate, which is the rate you receive in the app - there are no further fees or mark-ups applied.

So when i will send 100Euro to bank PLN how much did i receive ?
100 * actual price (4,18) * 98,5% ??

Please refer to the FAQs about this. Revolut itself does not charge any fees for transfers (unless you opt for turbo transfers). Fees from intermediary banks for international SWIFT transfers might apply. If currency exchange is involved (which is in your case), the same rates apply that you see from within the app. It’s always WYSIWYG.

(The quote you made is not related to your case. This is about how the rates for cryptocurrencies are deprived from rates provided by exchanges. Your example does not involve crypto.)

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