Revolut account IBAN not working with Paypal

I’m trying to add my revolut EURO bank account to paypal. I get this error message “The IBAN number you have entered is invalid. Try again”.
(number edited in the image for security reasons, but I copied&pasted it, so it’s valid)

Any idea? I have already added my card, but I need the bank account too to withdraw money.

I use my Revolut IBAN just fine with paypal. Are you sure you copied it correctly?

It seems like Paypal is not allowing the GB IBAN in all EU countries. Since it changed for some countries just recently, I believe, a change of policy might be around the corner.

If they indeed do not allow GB EUR IBANs in Spain, it‘s a matter of IBAN discrimination and against SEPA regulations. It’s a pain, I know, but affected user’s should complain about this officially, to Paypal and maybe some local supervisory authority.

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@DigitalLeaves - As far as I can tell from my own expirience it happens if you open up a new Paypal account and go through the step by step process to add creditcard, bankaccount and what not.

This happend to myself as I opened up a new Paypal account for my Revolut account.

With that being said you have to not add anything to your account during that process but do that manually later. At least for me it worked like a charm. ;o))

Additionally I can say that if you want to add your Revolut card as well you need at least 1 USD or equal in other currencies on your Revolut account as they will check if your card is any good by that way.

I had a hard time to figure that out. Hahaha! :)))

From Berlin with love

Hello there guys. Thanks a lot for your answers. Yes, I think my IT skills are enough to choose “copy” in the app and then “paste” it in the paypal field :wink:

Thank you Frank. Actually, it’s Paypal Estonia, but I will definitely contact them. Discrimination or not, Paypal is just lagging behind a little bit more every day. Thanks!

Thanks Ozone! Actually it’s not in the setup process, but manually later. Anyway, I think I would need to contact Paypal, unfortunately. Thanks for your suggestion!

Sometimes it is not as simple as just copying. Are a you trying with or without the spaces? I don’t remember if paypal prefers it one way or the other

Thanks megamaster, actually I tried both with spaces and without spaces, upper and lowercase, and even dashes in-between… The REVO IBAN just doesn’t seem to work :frowning:

Maybe paypal has blocked revolut. Paypal officially doesn’t allow IBANs from virtual accounts and they consider fintechs such as revolut as virtual accounts.

Usually what they do is start blocking IBANs from a certain entity they identify as “virtual”, but they usually allow people with their IBAN already saved to continue using it

I established mine days/weeks ago. Only thing annoying was the 7 days wait for their verification code transactions. I am from Germany so maybe you can’t compare different states 1:1. :confused:

This is indeed a Paypal problem. I went through this with revolut business accounts. Paypal will not let you (as of the time) link an IBAN starting with GB to your account in all/certain EU countries. It will tell you that the IBAN is invalid. Change GB to anything else and it doesnt complain. It is not about an invalid IBAN but simply the country code probably because of the special nature of the UK in the EU with GBP etc.

Here is the way to link your revolut IBAN EUR account to a European Paypal account properly as funding, withdrawal, direct debit etc source:

Try to add your EUR IBAN in Paypal. If it tells you “Invalid IBAN” and you cannot proceed:

Call up Paypal Support. Tell them you cannot add your bank account. Tell them It is a proper EURO IBAN account with full direct debit etc features and ask them to add it manually. They will ask for your IBAN and bank. If you are unlucky they will respond with “We do not support Revolut”. DO NOT accept that. Stay polite and explain that you do not have a shared / virtual Revolut account but a real EURO IBAN -BANK- account with full sepa / direct debit features. Ask them to manually add the account. Do this with multiple support people if necessary.

The Support person will send you a link where they want you to send them the iban, bic etc maybe even an account statement showing your name + IBAN etc. In this email state again that you have a full sepa / direct debit etc account and not a virtual whatever (just say it even if its all EMI accounts).

Paypal will then add your Revolut Privat / Business account to your Paypal account and send you a link to the SEPA / Direct Debit agreement which you have to fill out. The address in there should be your private address btw not Revolut’s.

After that step they will proceed with the standard verification process of sending you 2 cent transactions which you will have to confirm in the Paypal interface and voila your Revolut account is linked as a proper bank account with all features of withdrawal + funding + limits removal in your Paypal account.

Have fun.


Hello there Alex, thank you so very much for such a well-explained answer. I will contact Paypal support and try to get them to accept my Revolut account.
Thank you!

I’ve just found that my health Insurer in Ireland doesn’t accept Revolut IBAN for refunds. No explanation why.