Revolut account has been blocked for a week


I’ve been using the app for more than a year now and it has helped me a lot since I’m always travelling. However my account has been blocked last week for the first time. I tried to make a payment and the payment was declined although I had money on the account. I then checked the app that said that my account had been blocked for security reasons and that I had to contact the staff for more support. Something that I did straight away. I was surprised to see that responded through the online chat, as they’re always so fast. Now it has been more than a week (10 days if we want to be more precise) and still nobody has replied. I’ve tried to reach an agent through every single platform I could, via the 24/7 chat (that isn’t 24/7 at all), Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.

No need to say that I’m quite helpless right now and I don’t know what to do.
The only reply I had from the customer service is : ‘‘We are reviewing your case. You will be contacted’’. That was 8 days ago and I’m still waiting…


Hey there,

I’m really sorry for your inconvenience, and I don’t think this is supposed to happen… hopefully @AndreasK will step in, but you could also try typing ” resolved “ followed by “live agent” for the time being. :slight_smile:


Same happened to me but my account locked on the 1st of june and its been saying that my case will be handled by a dedicated team by 96 hours but its been nearly 960hours and no response. No response frrom twitter either. Dont know what to do. My money is stuck inside too.


Yeah for me it’s the same, my money is stuck in there and hats the main problem…