Revolut account for non EEU Resident

I am French and opening a LLC company in the US. I plan to move to Asia for the next months and settle down in Vietnam. As I may spend more than 6 months in Vietnam in 2019, I will probably pay my taxes there and leave the french residency to a vietnamese residency.
Because Revolut is only available for EEU resident, is it a good choice to open a business account (I am still in France for the next months) for my LLC ? Will I be against the TOS and face to a shutdown of my account when I will update my living adress in the next months ?
I am dealing with USD and EUR payments and Revolut would be the perfect choice for me with your “freelancer” business account.
Thanks in advance

For the time being Revolut is only available within the EEA. So if you plan to leave and leave you French residency behind, there is little point in signing up. Of course it could change next year (and Revolut opens to Vietnam too), but thats something only Revolut could tell.