Revolut account for direct debit the Council Tax in UK - invalid?


Dear revolut users living in UK.
Normally, an UK resident needs to pay a council tax. You go to a website of the city and arrange the payment online. The problem is that when I fill in the account number of my revolut, an error message appear “the number entered is not a valid account number, please check and try again”. This is estrange, because is the 6 numbers that I use also for receiving my salary and for paying my rented home. So why it is not valid for the council tax? I called and wrote an email to the council, 3-4 weeks ago, but they dont answer me.


they might have an old database of valid sort codes. register manually and let them sort their own mess.


Not sure since I don’t use it but IIRC, the UK local account is not enabled for direct debits yet.
Only the EUR account supports direct debit last time I checked.



if the local UK account doesn’t support direct debits you might want to look at starling, monzo or, if you have troubles getting a proof of address yet, monese. They’ll quickly give a fully functional free UK bank account and free transfers to Revolut.


what do you mean by register manually? in person in an office?


Hello!!!I was wondering if you solved the problem with the Council Tax…did yhey accept the payment? because I will be in a similar situation and I need advice.


the UK account doesn’t support direct debit unfortunately. get an account with monzo or starling if you want a good free and real bank account in the UK.


Hi Alejandro,

Yes, I know that Revolut does not support direct debits in UK.

But you can pay Council Tax by card, would you think it would be possible to use my Revolut account to pay them?

Now that we are talking, can I have both Revolut and Monzo at the same time or could I switch fom Revolut to Monzo?




Sorry, I correct the sentence " would you think it would be possible to use my Revolut card to pay them?

Thanks again


It’s a prepaid card, but they may accept it. try :slight_smile:


Yes, I am paying through the website, as a credit card (not possible as debit).


Yes, I am using it from the council tax website, as a card payment