Revolut Account Fee

I love the fact that I can upload sterling onto my Revolut account and then exchange online to Euros.
However, I upgraded to a monthly fee account because I envisaged making regular payments to cryptocurrency platforms. Lo and behold, then I learnt that I cannot purchase cryptocurrency with cash from Revolut. But I still have to pay a premium every month! Why? If I am not able to use my account the way I want, I don’t want an account, especially if I have to pay for it! How can I change my account back to a non-fee account?

Please read this:

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OP tagged this as business, there is no free tier on business plans.

I think you are not talking about a business account.

When you go Premium you have a few days to revert your decision for free. However, Revolut clearly states in their FAQ that they don’t allow payments in crypto exchange websites. It was up to you to read the terms of service.

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Please advise how I can close my account at Revolut. Customer Services? Non-existent.

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You can just leave it as it is, there’s no fees whatsoever, just send the money back to your bank account. If you actually close the account it will be really hard to open a new one with the same name and contact details, if you ever decide to come back when they finally fix the customer service.

Hello Specter

The last couple of months I’ve had to top my account up because Revolut sent me a reminder to say that there were no funds. When I topped my account up £5.99 went straight towards my account fee! How can I revert the account to what it used to be; no fees?



I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as account fees for personal accounts, that’s really strange. Can you post a screenshot of the transaction? I’m still unsure whether you have a personal or business account. If you have a business account then this one has fees.


Sorry for the confusion. I am on Premium Plan to transfer funds and purchase Cryptocurrency. However, I would like to keep the account, as long as I do not have to pay the PP fee every month because Revolut will not send funds to CC exchanges now.




Ask the customer support to cancel your premium subscription. You will pay a fee but it’s not that much.


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I’m not into cryptocurrencies but Wirex (Singapore based) might be better suited for your needs

Hello I am a user with a standard account, I have a wirex account that converts me from BTC to euros and likes to be able to use the wirex card to be able to transfer money, but it has been rejected, or can use to use to use. am i doing something wrong? thank you I wait