Revolut account doesn't appear on the Android accounts list


I installed revolut to my parents and registered and ordered a card. I could see that, in the Contacts app, operations with revolut were accessible for every contact (send and request money). I didn’t remember that option on my phone so I checked and I hadn’t it. Checking accounts on both devices, my parents phone had a Revolut account named revAccount (or something similar) in the accounts list but I don’t have it. Both of us use the last version of the Android app. (4.4)

Could it be a new feature that was not correctly applied to users than updated the app (instead of install from 0)? (I’m an Android developer so your Android team can contact with me if need more info)


I’ve noticed it everytime I’ve reinstalled the app.

just open app, click on send and/or request money buttons, then go to android settings > accounts it should appear then


Thanks for your response.
I did several requests of money and some more sent. I did what you’ve just said again but unfortunately the revolut account still doesn’t appear.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.


this issue was resolved on a newer version of the app