Revolut account blocked



I have been noticed my Revolut account has been blocked because I could not verify my mother’s card (which is not in the UK) I had used for a top-up.
It has been almost an hour since I tried to contact the support team, in vain.
I really need my account to be unblocked today as my Revolut card is the only one I can use at the moment. My mum sent me a picture of her card I can transfer.
Do you know how long it will take before I get an answer ? Will the problem be fixed today ? It is very important to me.



According to the FAQs you can only top up from an account in your own name.


@Axel Due to the card not belonging to yourself, we do require verification to make sure that you had rightful access to use this card. Generally we ask for the 4 digit code that is attached to the top up in the cards online banking to do this. Support is open so please contact us to help you out.


Hi. This has happened to mine as well. And after I put that 4 digit code (Revolut*####*) is asks me to scan the card… which I don’t physically have. I tried to contact support through the app, but it just sends me back to the “verify your card” screen :confused:


Yes, same problem. But card can’t be scanned … :frowning:


There are other ways we can verify the cards, if you can please reach out on the support chat, then we can walk you through this to get everything verified.


My Revolut account has been blocked. After I tried to change my cards, add and new one and delete and old one. Will my account be unblocked, and why have they blocked it just because I tried adding a new card.



Hey larysa I have changed my phone number since I first registered an I no longed have access to the one on my account, how can I change this? Please contact me asap


HelloLarysa, or any other Revolut team member. Please help me. This morning during my online shopping my Revolut accounting was blocked. It was the first time I was using my ( physical) Revolut card.

As the app told me I used the messenger chat to ask for help. After a quick automatically answer I gave all the info on this matter. Now I have been waiting for hours, but nobody is answering. I am worried about my money and the time of arrival of my Christmas shopping!