Revolut account blocked for security reasons


This is just pathetic. I was using Revolut card and topping it up using my physical debit card. Recently I refunded a product at Argos and gave them my Remoult card for refund. Argos refunded the amount to my account and provided me refund slip. I was waiting for when money will appear in my Revolut account as it takes 3-5 days for refund, even Revolut support mentioned the same to me. Suddenly, from yesterday I noticed that whenever I am opening Revolut app, it is showing “Your account is currently blocked for security reasons”, and there is no other information on what I have to do or why it is blocked, only option is Chat with Support. I also raised this concern in InApp support, but no response in last 24 hrs. Which is horrible. I am now really concerned that all my money in the card are gone and no help from so called support.


Why do you people keep so much money in this account? It’s not a holy grail of banking.


How to unblock account. Support 24/? Fake news
real bullshit, Beyond banking ???