Revolut 6.0.x

Can anyone share screenshot from v6.4 (android) ?
I’m still using 5.x. :grinning:

p.s. Adding dark mode would make me update instantly. Ehh… WHEN, Revolut? :roll_eyes:
Really that hard to offer choice between current glowing white and cool black mode? I dont get it :grimacing:

I would update - you’re missing lots of features and UI updates now I think

Since google “caringly” updated my R app to v.6.5 in background without my accept I can tell you now what I think about it and that is - nothing.

I dont see that v.6.5 is in any way better than v5.x.
I would say its the same as it was.

I just updated to 6.6 and I cannot login to the app anymore. After inserting the code nothing happens. Just a text: "2 exceptions occurred ".
What does it mean???

It’s a bug. Hope they will rush to fix it.

I restarted my phone couple of times and tried to log in. Once I managed to do so. Yeah, it is definitely a bug…

After deinstallation and reinstallation it does not recognise my phone number anymore. Total disaster right now.

They’re having some technical issues with the app right now. I think you should wait until this is sorted out.