Revolut 6.0.x

Dark mode still non-existing? :grimacing:

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I really want one too :cry:

yes, finally found the edit-button, too (how clear and intuitive the list now is :wink:


I “second” the request for a dark-mode!

It is realy needed, a few minutes within the :r:- app and the battery-level drops FAST due to the bright screen…

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So, what do you think - is it worth updating from 5.x to 6.x ?
Still not done it.

I don’t see anything that speaks against it. It’s slightly different but you now have the option to hide stuff you don’t need like donations, crypto, … For me this makes it cleaner.

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Can anyone , please, share screenshot with “cleaned up” things?

Still missing card sorting…

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This is coming very soon :slight_smile:

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Can you say the same for being able to select your card issuer, GBP direct debits and the other features we were promised years ago?

? What do you mean by that? Revolt as issuer?

Visa, MasterCard, Maestro

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Visa Electron? :smiley:

I wonder why someone will want Electron/Maestro over standard VISA/MC as they have very limited acceptance only in some EU countries?

I was just kidding about Electron :slight_smile:
Dont need it.
But Maestro is useful in countries like Netherlands, Germany where merchants dont want to accept “normal” cards due to fees.

Visa Electron is just Visa with requires internet connection :smile: so maybe V Pay but not Electron

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Netherlands has some Maestro only places.

But I’m sure you’re in for it if you are in places like East Tirol, Kärnten ( all in Austria), where even on tourist spots you have places only accepting Maestro. If at all, there are even plenty of spots with no cards acceptance at all.

A nightmare to travel with only a small sum of cash. We’ve just stayed in the border region of East Tirol and South Tirol (which is Italy) and crossed the border to Italy for dinner as many restaurants in Austria didn’t take cards. They should wake up and see what lost opportunities they have.

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Make that a lot :wink:
Especially outside the big cities.

Like … at the opera … badum-tsch :rofl:

EDIT: Sorry, but … it was right there for the taking :zipper_mouth_face:

Hi there - thanks for the feedback! It’s not currently possible to tag bank accounts, but we understand that this is a frustration shared by a number of our users, so it’s something we’re looking to introduce in the near future!