Revolut 6.0.x

I like revamping but I’d prefer they do it in the order that they told us it was coming!

I want the other stuff first!

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Yes, it’s interesting to see why Revolut decides to introduce certain things and not others (which are expected for years by the costumers)…

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6.1 Just get out​:kissing_closed_eyes:… a little change, nothing huge.:slightly_smiling_face:
Hope to see Night mode​:sunglasses:, Nicknames/Tags to Bank accounts​:face_with_monocle: and way more Categories next time.:crossed_fingers::+1:

Starting with version 6.0 (Android), the Payments --> Send --> Bank accounts list doesn’t scroll properly up over Recents - Bank accounts divider. Scrolling stutters and gets stuck). In order to see the bottom of the accounts list, you need to scroll up very fast. I have quite a lot of entries on the list, so it might be contributing factor. Has anyone else noticed this problem?

6.2 Comes whit the optión of set a day (payday) to budgeting… i just updated (Android) but i can’t find where to set up that day… :thinking:

So where can I select the “widgets” I want in their own tab? Revolt took the worst thing Android ever advocated (put everything into the Hamburger menu so users need ridiculous amounts of taps for the smallest interaction) and created a similarly bad experience in the widgets tab. I have to access and manage my cards regularly, why are they hidden in the “useless” section?

The scroll problem seems to fixed with v6.2. Good.

Yes version 6.2 features are probably disabled here too :frowning:

You don’t have a calendar button in the top-right corner in the “Analytics” tab?

Can you post a screenshot please?

6.3 comes out… and am still trying to find that pay day on the budget whitout success. In the Play Store it say that is available to Android. :upside_down_face:

That already was announced in 6.2 …
As it seems they had the great idea to release this feature in batches for users instead for all at once and still put it in the update notes:

Finally, card tab is returned at home screen :star_struck: (beta 6.5), and also ability to hide tabs.

Hope card sorting is coming SOON :registered:

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At least on Android you can sort cards :slight_smile:

Can you post a screenshot?

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Next to the + for ordering new card are two arrows

You can already use card organising function. It is in card section in right upper corner

What you mean? I have only + button there on the right upper corner card tab?
And on the specific card tree-dots-button I have only rename and delete card?


Can anyone share screenshot from v6.4 (android) ?
I’m still using 5.x. :grinning:

p.s. Adding dark mode would make me update instantly. Ehh… WHEN, Revolut? :roll_eyes:
Really that hard to offer choice between current glowing white and cool black mode? I dont get it :grimacing:

I would update - you’re missing lots of features and UI updates now I think