Revolut 6.0.x

Can anyone share screenshot from Revolut app 6.0.x (android)?
Not updated yet.

Want to know how that new “More” tab looks.

They say this in play store:
Introducing Revolut 6.0, and your brand new dashboard.
We’ve replaced the old More tab and made it easier for you to see the most important features, at a glance.


It’s the same on both but I apologize for the iOS screenshot :sweat_smile:

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“More” in 6.0.x is renamed to “Dashboard” ?

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Yes, that is correct. And if you want to see your cards you have to go to your dashboard first.


Just saw it.

In my opinion is ugly as hell. Especially to find the cards :man_facepalming:


Just updated.
Like the new Dashboard…
It’s just that the App now is too full of - for me - useless stuff (like Analythics and Payments - nope, still not going to give access to my contacts!) AND too much promo for priceplans aso.

Buttons to Upgrade or other “pay to use”-services are rather big and too close to needed ones. Makes me - with a “small” phone (5.2" display) and rather big fingres - a little scared to tip somewhere! I don’t want to upgrade or buy something…

The buttons could be a little bigger - and those options not usable yet bc “I need to upgrade to use them” could be inactivated/greyed out (and positioned at the end of the list). Scrolling a list is easier than accidently click somewhere it causes fees. (and sure as hell: accidental fees would make me deliberatly cancel the account)


I agree, but for most people that have <= 3 active cards could work.
I think we are just not usual Revolut users, so for us the card tab on the new dashboard is quite annoying…

Not only the cards.

But simply there are too many things in one window and an emu-camel of new and old design (new dashboard. Old menus after: cards for example)


Look how many useless things in the same page:
Donations (don’t trust)
Crypto (don’t use)
Concierge (LOL is this nightmare still available?)
Insurance (I don’t check it at all, it’s yearly)




EVRIKA just saw the Edit button :joy:


I actually like the new design…


Me too, however I do miss dark mode still… :slight_smile:
Maybe a redesign of card interface would also be cool.


I like it. And I only wishing best for Revolut.

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I like the new layout very much- all these “tiled” options definitely required a clean-up and more organized list arrangement. Cards, accounts, transactions in one place. Great stuff.
‘Edit’ button lets you customize them as needed.

Now… get the joint accounts out there please :wink:

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I wish they’d revert this

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Why don’t you trust Donations?

Let’s say I’ve been working with several ngos around the world and I don’t agree with their practices.


For $5 I will tell you how to leave the beta program. :laughing:

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6.0.1 has been released on Android yesterday, so no use to leave beta.

I’m not using the beta