Revolut 5.0 is beautiful



I just wanted to congratulate you on your 5.0 release. The app looks absolutely beautiful with the redesigned Accounts tab. Keep the amazing updates coming!


1.) Can’t find my deactivated Cryptos anymore, can see only my active EUR and USD accounts

2.) Before I can swipe between the active accounts, I have to scroll up the whole transfer history…which can be a long ladder


1.) More – Profile – Account details

2.) If you’re rocking an iPhone, just tap the time and the whole list will autoscroll to the top. This should help.


Hello, this is on IOS?


That’s an awful update. What have they done? They duplicate the analytics owned tab in the main screen? Disaster!

Now, I have to reach all the way up and slide that tiny area to bring the other wallets into the surface.


Whhhhheeeeeerrreeeeeee is R 5.0? I don’t see it :confused:


I also don’t like the update, especially the overwhelming use of white. Is there at least a dark theme or something?


Yes, I miss the cool blue at the top of the accounts section.

And I find the graph section in the accounts section distracting and confusing. Ok in analytics. But too fussy on the main page.


The biggest downside for me is the fact that they removed the button to go into the rates/converter section directly from the main page.

I eventually found out that it appears when you press the “exchange” button, so it’s not a big deal (just one more click), but designing it this way means they consider that people will mainly check the rates/use the currency converter feature when they want to exchange currencies directly on their Revolut account. But in my experience, it’s a feature I only use when I’m not directly exchanging funds on Revolut itself (payment or withdrawal in a foreign currency). This design is maybe a bit counterintuitive, although I get what they tried here.

It’s just a minor UX issue though, and the new main screen looks quite nice and I like the fact you can see your balance at any time just by scrolling. I don’t keep accounts in several currencies though, so I don’t know how different it is for these users.


Now the bottom part with the transaction history is smaller, making it so that on my iPhone I can only see one transaction at the same time…


The new graph style/animation is pretty cool, but IMHO the rest of the Ui got definitely worse.

Missing so bad the cool, spacious blue top.

Really hope they will add a switch for high contrast Ui, restoring the original blue top effect.


It sucks!

I knew it would happen one day…today is the first time Revolut have done something pretty dumb. Why put analytics graphs in the middle on the homepage for each currency and not in the analytics section where it belongs?

It doesn’t help with anything, doesn’t help planning, budgeting…nothing. It’s history, and should not be in the prime location making the font size having to be reduced everywhere else.


What an awful and ugly update :frowning:

  1. Duplicate analytics in the tab of the main screen: useless
  2. An anti UI design with this pointless level curve
    IMHO: a big fail! Please Update for a Clean Design :):scream:


I liked the old design much more and do not really see what improvement the new designhas brought.


I wish it was black for oled smartphones. White is very energy inefficient


Needs a black mode on oled screens.


I like the new version and the use of the white tones in the app.

But if the addition if the dark mode would please some, then I am for it!


I used to be really happy about Revolut, now I’m upset whenever I open the app. Can’t see how much you have in your other accounts, can’t guess which bits of the screen can slide in all that sea of white, and the wiggly animation is super annoying.


I don’t like it either. I’d like to suggest to create an option to switch between interfaces (the old one and the new one, why not to an other design too?)

But I’d love the old interface. Also I noticed that with the new one, there is a lag in my phone (Mi Max 2)


I like the new UI :smiley: You can never make everyone happy…