Revolut 5.0 is a Big Fail!


I guess it’s meant to look cool, trendy and subtle and the app developers liked it. But did they run it past the usability police to see if it was accessible to both normal and partially sighted people? Guess not.


How about keeping the things ‘not for everyone’ optional.
Readability and ergonomics of the most crucial features, which is seeing the balance and switching between balances in different currencies have been decreased.
I don’t mind the colour change, the useless graph in the main view by default is seriously wrong though.


I don’t see what the use of the graph is, to me just an annoying waste of space. Since its introduction, it is difficult to swipe between the currencies at the top and the graph suddenly gets bigger and the buttons to top up and exchange disappear.
The main reason I go into the app is to check my Euro and GBP balance and exchange between them and do a top up, something which is now more difficult to perform than previously.
I also find the messages I get each day asking if I had a good trip when I move between a GBP and Euro zone annoying.