Revolut 5.0 is a Big Fail!



I just wanted to NOT congratulate you on your 5.0 release. The app looks absolutely awful with the redesigned Accounts tab. Keep the amazing updates coming for a class and clean Design! Pleazzze :wink:

Don’t fix what’s not broken

Some reviews:

  • That’s an awful update. What have they done? They duplicate the analytics owned tab in the main screen? Disaster!
  • I also don’t like the update, especially the overwhelming use of white. Is there at least a dark theme or something?
  • Yes, I miss the cool blue at the top of the accounts section.
  • The biggest downside for me is the fact that they removed the button to go into the rates/converter section directly from the main page.
  • Now the bottom part with the transaction history is smaller, making it so that on my iPhone I can only see one transaction at the same time…
  • Missing so bad the cool, spacious blue top. Really hope they will add a switch for high contrast Ui, restoring the original blue top effect.
  • I knew it would happen one day…today is the first time Revolut have done something pretty dumb. Why put analytics graphs in the middle on the homepage for each currency and not in the analytics section where it belongs?
  • I liked the old design much more and do not really see what improvement the new designhas brought.
  • I used to be really happy about Revolut, now I’m upset whenever I open the app.
  • What’s important for the information I’ve had in the past in the Revolut balance? For me, this information has zero usability.


Yes, I’m agree with you. !!


I absolutely agree with that - navigation is now terrible to the rates/convert section ;-(

too much space wasted with transactions in total - 90% of the screen is now used for transactions, acount details are on the very top of the screen supersmall, wich makes navigation through multiple currency accounts a pain in the a…!
swiping thought the accounts you now have to reach even higher on your phone screen and reference currency value of the accounts are still supersmall and very light grey ;-(

some ideas to consider

  • option to hide/colapse the transactions of each account
  • find a smater way to navigate through different accounts! what about moving them to the bottom of the screen?
  • make it easier to see visualize the current value of the accounts in your base currency.


Hey Revolut,
Sorry but I also don’t like the new design.
I miss the blue design, I would love to remove the graphic in the main page, it’s useless here to me (make it as an option maybe) and I would like to see back the button rates/conversion on main page. And I also would like to ask to make the amounts bigger again, because to swipe on the top of cellphone on such small numbers is not easy.
In one word I prefer the previous version :wink:

Thank you to take in consideration our feedbacks :slight_smile:



Appreciate it’s not for everyone but after a few minutes playing around I quite like the new layout. Maybe some customise options would be the best solution. Graph on/off etc.


Can anyone post some screenshots to see what its looks like? I have not updated yet… (currently using 4.16.0 on Android). Its proven countless times in my experience that latest is not always greatest :frowning:


It’s just too white i think they could at least make a dark mode. And I also agree with rates button comments, I know it’s still there in More tab but it was really convenient to have that on main screen.


Looks awful in my opinion.


This is on iOS…


I don’t even know how to add another currency account with this update. This is just wrong.


It is mind boggling when people act in a dramatic manner while there is no reason for that. Adapting to a change is difficult and initial reaction to it is of a rejection. Every time Apple releases new iOS version there are always crowds of critics who somehow dissapear as time goes by. The same happened when eBay radically changed the design of their app - the world was supposed to come to an end.

I bet if the situation was reversed and people were using current Revolut app version for years which would have been updated to the past, much loved now version, it would be the same story of criticism all over the forum. Anyway, I feel like I am defending this update but in truth, there is nothing to defend as nothing has been broken - I haven’t heard about funds going missing, etc. What is broken is the current state of Revolut Customer Service and I am not going to defend that.


It just makes no sense to clone the analytics to the main page, now there’s basically two analytics tabs. I’ve also noticed that the app is taking a lot more to load, at least on my Samsung S8+ using fast 4G. I see the analytics line and it takes around 5-7 seconds for my balance to show up.

I think that this updates shows that :r: is trying to make the app good on iOS with its minimalist style, but it’s important to remember that most iOS apps look rubbish on Android: just look at Apple Music, my operator gives me a subscription for free and I’ll rather pay for Spotify because the app looks terrible on Android.

I just don’t see the point of changing this when I could just click on analytics and have all this info, pointless update of the interface.


I am an iOS user and my opinion is based on running Revolut 5.0 on this OS.

Anyway, anyone based in the UK understands what ruining banking experience means by following on major high street bank’s story, TSB, for the last month…


People are not behaving in a dramatic manner. They’re rightly bemoaning the loss of a much loved and successful UI.

Yes the current state of customer service is seriously impaired. But this was mitigated to a large extent by the sheer joy of using the Revolut App. It forgave a lot of sins.

Take away this happy indulgence and the balance of what’s left is nowhere near as positive as it was a few days ago, before 5.0 was unfortunately released.

Revolut need to look again at this.


I’m seriously still trying to figure how to activate another currency account with this new interface :joy:


Just like I said before…

… let’s see if Revolut listens.


My opinion (on changes) - Don’t fix what’s not broken :sun_with_face:


Couldn’t say it better.


I also don’t like the new version. Does no developer know that white background requires a BRIGHT display is causing the battery needlessly run low? Well, anyway, I have a bigger issue:

I’m not using revolut for analysing my expenses - hence this double-analytic-thing is completly useless for me. But I understand some users are glad they now can categorize their expenses.

But I’d rather have a homescreen divided in:

  • an overview of my currencys (tapping on them goes into the current homescreen as it looks now)
  • access to currency-converter (yes, that’s the 2nd most important thing I used)
  • access to card-settings (eg. an overview of the cards one has, tapping on them to the controls)
  • topping up (showing the registered options, tapping on them to todays dialogs)
  • last two transactions (due to the limited space)
  • below the navigation-bar as known today.
    …and for god sake make it readable and if possible without draining the battery (avoid bright white when ever possible).

In short: make it a homepage with access to the things one need, don’t show analytics and make everything else almost unfindable… (eg. from starting the app to go to one of the major functions in revolut - if it takes more than two steps to reach any of them, the UI is bad. currently, you only have analytics at your disposal. if you need it or not)


I really don’t like the new app, its difficult to see in bright light - it was much better with the darker background. Whats the point of the graph? it does not convey anything useful. I can’ see my different currency balances without swiping across the top.