Revolut 10

Revolut has cranked up the app UI and features in a big way with the latest update Rev 10.
The UI looks sleek and modern in every way.
I am personally glad to see that they have brought Pockets back. Would like to see more Pockets customization such as recurring transfers twice a month, virtual card for each pocket/vault, etc.
Keep it up Rev team.

@nomadus, Glad to hear that you liked our new Rev10. :r: I have shared this feedback with our dedicated team. Stay tuned. :rocket:

SG | Community Team


Rev 10 launch video is innovative. It brings a lot of confidence on Revolut. :clap:


Thank you so much @nomadus. It means a lot. :star:

SG | Community Team

My app was updated but still the same old layout.
(Only got a new icon) :cry:

But I don’t mind it, I would prefer to have my BRL balance accessible on debit card (without having to convert it to USD or other currency).

And being able to pay boletos (Brazilian bills) using my Revolut account, or at least having PIX (instant payment/transfers) is already too late.

Where’s the Brazilian team on revolut to show us some love?
I’m just asking for the minimum functionalities to be an usable Brazilian account instead of just an travel account for expending on foreign currency paying less taxes.

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Have you checked your Profile? There should be an option to enable “New features”. I’ve got the update only on iOS so far. My Android device still has the old version. Finally sorting is possible.


Nothing yet here :pensive:

But I won’t be mad, there’s other more important functionality that revolut needs to do before I can use it in Brazil.

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OK, the design is nicer (well, I don’t really care) but so far I’ve found only one improvement: sorting rates. :slight_smile: Still missing banking features (saving vaults, credit cards, non LT-IBAN, etc). You can hide crypto but not Invest button? Vaults are now Pockets, OK?


Hey @Eudes :wave: , We’re still rolling out our new rev10. Stay tuned. :rocket:

@zapata , Thank you for the feedback. I have shared this with our dedicated team already. :pray:

SG | Community Team


New interface looks great. Just two things I noticed.

Pockets used for bills now count towards net worth. They didn’t before, which was nice, but not now that pockets seem to be for both savings and bills. Maybe there could be an option for each pocket on whether it counts towards net worth or not.

Secondly, there doesn’t seem to be an “add transaction” option when I access budget categories for the current month. This was previously the only way I could link income (like someone paying me their share of the bill) with an expenditure for analytics purposes. “Split bill” doesn’t always help in these situations as people find it easier to just send something rather than wait for me to calculate and split.


You can sort rates via drag&drop but not accounts and pockets?

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Welcome back to our community @Danielmyj1. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. I have shared that with our team. :hugs:

SG | Community Team

Hi I just come here after several years because of the new Revolut design. Please add options to make more neutral colours. I just instal it I really don’t like the color palette. Is too strong. Please there is just two backgrounds and both are very saturated.


Ok I found a way to change the background. But having half screen eaten for just the background and just the amount in the center. That I don’t like


Welcome back to our community @Mrl0 :wave:. Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback with us. :pray:

SG | Community Team

I generally really like the new Revolut 10.
I also liked the new look available through the Experiments (maybe even more).

  • I liked the old R logo more
  • currency logo is not there anymore, looks better with it (it was visible in the Experiments style):


  • and please, bring back/add backgrounds from the Experiments style, to me the best one was this:

And it’s not available in the new version 10.


Thanks for sharing this insight @trga. :hugs:

SG | Community Team

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Yesterday there was an update in the Android-Store for me and I had
a bad feeling when I noticed your unique R icon looked different. AND …. oh boy :slight_smile:

Now some harsh words… sorry but you asked for feedback.

  1. Main Screen
    Yes, the account balance is important, but not that important to
    take up half of the screens space with a background image you can’t turn off.
    In the promo video you talk about smooth, clean and no clutter… but
    IMHO you just introduced a lot of (visual) clutter/distraction with version 10

In the transaction list/widget you can’t configure anymore how many
transactions you wanna see for example. Why is that?

  1. Analytics Page
    The new analytics page is missing almost all important information
    compared to version 9 or are they just not implemented yet?
    I couldn’t find the graph/diagram with the actual/forecast spend.
    I also missed the scheduled payment widget where you can see how much is
    left to pay for this month and what you next payment is and when.
    (that’s actually important infos to me)
    That includes also the details of that widget where you see all upcoming
    payments and past payment for this month (sorted by date).

  2. Status Bar
    Please add also an option to remove the Invest and Lifestyle buttons, not only the Crypto icon.

  3. Cards
    Cards widget: The different background colors, when swiping the cards → visual clutter/distraction to me.

  4. Modes
    I use the the light mode, but cards icon (right top corner), profile and accounts
    opens in dark mode. Bug?

  5. New R Icon / Font change
    I still like your old unique R icon way more. Sad that you changed that. Can I get it back? :slightly_smiling_face:
    Font: yes it’s clean but to big

I love your app in it’s current state and I’m afraid to see great
functions/design disappear in favor of visual changes or simplicity.

Would or did I recommend Revolut 9 to my friends: yes
Would I recommend Revolut 10 with the new design to my friends: no

I just have the feeling that this change is just made for certain
generation, which I obviously don’t belong to.

I live minimalistic, I like it clean, no clutter, functional and with a lot of numbers/analytics and of course some customization (like your widgets provide).

I know you all spend a lot of time and effort into this new change to
make your app even better. For me 9 is just so much better than 10 at the moment…

Don’t get me wrong, not all changes are bad, but it’s just way to much at the same time.

  • You can change backgrounds to a neutral minimalistic color
  • Upcoming spending and the forecast graph are still available as widgets for the home page. (The budget feature is still available in analytics so I am guessing you’re not referring to that.)

(I don’t want to go into a discussion about this being better or worse compared to version 9. I just wanted to point those things out in case you missed them.)

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Still really lacks tagging inbound payments to categories to balance the spending as it’s inaccurate only accounting the outgoing.

Most of my friends aren’t with revolut but they send me money for food etc I’ve paid for, and it doesn’t tally up.

Inbound doesn’t actually show anywhere now I don’t think, it used to show on revolut 9 analytics unless I’ve just not found it yet.

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