Revolt Transfer to Kasikorn Bank Thailand, c.a. 9% of Money is gone

I send 5458.00 thai baths to my step-daughter in Bangkok. She recieved 5026.48. Thank you Revolt. Transferwise is significant cheaper, she shall to get c.a. 5400 if I send money via Transferwise. Tested many times before. I feel very disapointed.

These were probably SWIFT fees, nothing Revolut is involved in.

maybe it is SWIFT fee… but another way, Transferwise, is more efficient, lesson in hard way

Cant tell which fees TransferWise charges or maybe which route their transfers take, but thats not Revolut’s fault. If TransferWise is cheaper for your usecase it might be the better option but theres little point in complaining :wink:


What has changed here @revolut? 1 year ago it was a great transfer service - now just lets blame it - it is a swift transfer. Why use swift if Revolut users get charged and get DiSSAPOiNTED. Revolut please communicate on a transperent way if this is the case - did you change the transfer process in the background? If yes actually sorry but it becomes useless service as it becomes expensive - why to let Revoluters get a bad experience? I got charged by 8$ fee on a Dubai transfer which I didnt have 1 year ago - same bank same account…

You were lucky, at least your money arrived.

I sent $1000 and despite all details such as SWIFT code, account number and name etc being correct, the money never arrived at the destination and after a week and a half bounced back, less $32 in fees (presumably charged by some correspondance bank).
It remains a mystery as to what happened, it’s still under investigation (Revolut have been helpful so far). The destination bank advised to use a different correspondance bank, but with Revolut it doesn’t seem possible to request a particular intermediary bank.
So yeah, intermediary/correspondance banks take fees, but if your money arrives at least that’s something!
The end-to-end cost of any transfer depends on which banks are involved. If there is a direct connection between the sender and receiver bank, it may reduce or eliminate fees altogether, but if there’s any banks in the middle they always take a fee…

What would be really cool and fitting for a digital player like Revolut, would be to be able to display payment routing details when you actually make the payment… perhaps with fee indications and or selection of intermediary banks possible. But I’m not holding my breath waiting for that…

UPDATE: The reason my transfer didn’t arrive is that Revolut’s payment processor used an correspondent bank with which the destination bank didn’t have an account in the currency being sent (USD). So basically they chose the WRONG ROUTE. But I ended up with $32 in fees, a bounced payment, and should I want to try again Revolut will send an email to the payment processor to see if it is possible to use one of the 4 correspondent banks suggested by the destination bank. Ie there is no guarantee of success.
So basically, I lost $32 in fees, had an unsuccessful transfer, wasted much time, and Revolut are not in a position to do anything about their faulty payment routing.
Is this why I have a premium Revolut account?
Conclusion: Revolut’s international payment processing is sub-standard and in my case deficient.
Very disappointed.

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Well, in such situation Revolut is lame service.

I relay on Transferwise so far, but I try to save few cents with Revolut.

Silly me.

How is Revolut responsible if you choose a costly transfer method?

And it would be kind if you did not spam the forum with your unsolicited referral links.

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My experience is, that a year or more ago, transfer of THB to Thai bank account was completely free. Now it cost around 350 to 450 THB per each transfer regardless of the amount.
If you transfer larger amounts of money it is still a good deal to do the transfer with Revolut, as Transferwise charges a percentage of the amount, and transfers of 100.000 THB can actually cost like 750 to 800 THB.
It is true, that transfering only a couple of thousand baht works out way cheaper with Transferwise.

I did notice however, that sending EUR to EUR denominated Thai bank account is free, and full amount arrives. Problem is, that thai bank has way worse exchange rates, and Revolut is much better with that.

Well, in such situation Revolut is lame service.

I relay on Transferwise so far, but I try to save few cents with Revolut.

Silly me.

I send refferal link because I missed the recipient address, I was answering jonas_plume post, so my referal link was for him . Sorry.


In which way do I use costly transfer method? Using Revolt? So there is no Revolt responsibility.
Yes. No. Whatever. Thank you.

Beyond banking is still pretty much same convoluted pile of nonsense.

Transferring money to Thailand involves SWIFT. SWIFT can involve several different banks on the way and they charge money for their service.

So yes, thats outside of Revolut’s responsibility and I am not quite sure why we are even discussing it.

Revolut does not charge you for transferring money. However, if you make a cross-currency transfer, you’ll be charged 0.5% on any amount exceeding your free foreign exchange allowance.

If the beneficiary bank is located outside the EU or transfer is not in euros, then your transfer will be sent via SWIFT and you might incur international wire transfer fees.

The beneficiary bank could also charge a fee to receive your transfer. When your money is in transit, it might be processed by an intermediary bank who might also deduct a handling fee. Therefore, the amount received might be less than the amount you sent.

Guys. Beleive us… there were no charges some time ago… Something new was introduced which is using swift - and costs huge money… Sure if swift cost money - this is used by traditional banks. So Revolut why do you let us use it?

Can you post details about the allegedly free transaction? All the details you can gather.

It is doubtful that an international transaction would not use SWIFT and would not be charged at all.

I dont know exactly but in the past in the currencies at least where you can top up I suppose Revolut used local accounts for transfers - in some case I think Transferwise as well like in case of RON(?). No swift was needed… So its a backward development. Sorry @revolut… I transfered HUF, AED and USD. I loved it… Now I am thinking what else I can do…

No offence, but with that it is impossible to say anything. I am not aware of Revolut having had any local account it now doesnt have anymore.

read picture below, stop playing innocent fool

You might want to watch your language. If you cared to actually read what it says you would have realised it refers to the exchange rate. If you dont understand how the banking system and transfers work, maybe you should not use it.