Revolt card doesn't work on LINK cash machines.


Hi, there.

I have just received my revolut card. It is activated (that’s what it is said in the package where it was) so I wanted to check if it is working. I went to two shops where there are a cash machine and in all of them the card didn’d work. The machine says that this card is not supported by LINK

LINK is supposed to be the UK’s cash machine Network, so I have a big problem.

any solution? Thank you so much.




I use mine in Link machines without any problems. Only suggestion I have is - do you have ATM withdrawals enabled in the app security settings?


Hi, badskittler. Thanks for answering.

Yeah, That option is enabled. I’ve been in town right now trying the card in more ATM,s and I have to say that it is not working in most of them. It worked in Tesco supermarket, in Barclays and in Holloway but it didn’t in any other ATM,s in Off Licence shops and similar, neither it worked in TSB bank.

I’m really surprised.


Could you please reach our support team so we can take a closer look into your account?


I’m doing it Andreask.

The thing is that I didn’t try to get some money from the ATM,s. I’ve been just checking my balance just to see if it is working or not. The result is as I wrote above.

I’ve benn talking with the support team on the app and it seems not to be a logical reason for this situation. I’ve been given a link where I can check all the ATM,s that support MasterCard but many (I would say all of them) of the ATM,s I checked were supported by all major cards (it was written on the atm) and the master card pic was visible on them.

So it’s not understandable. Tomorrow I will check again and I will pay more attention and will write down the location of the atm.

Thank you so much.


Ok thank you for your clarification.

The best way to check your balance is in the App. Because Revolut card is a multi currency card, sometime ATMs are struggling to display your balance.


Hi, again.

Mystery is finally solved. I went to another ATM where I couldn’t check the balance but I could get some money. So that was all. It’s no working for the balance but it’s working to whitdraw money.

I,m happy.