Revolt app doesn't work on a tablet?

Hi there everybody.

I have just bought a tablet and I’m really surprised Revolut app does not run on it. I’ve been trying to find out why (barclays app also doesn’t work) and I have read that this is because the tablet have not a phone so these apps can’t make a verification.

Is this true? Does anybody know something about this subject.

Thank you so much.

Well, the app itself does run on an iPad for example. But one would still need a smartphone to set an account up. And one would alsways need access to texts sent to the phone number used for setting up an account.


Thanks for answering Frank.

I’m a Revolut user. I already have an account.

So, what’s the problem? Maybe this tablet does not support Revolut app?

For iOS, the app is availabe in the AppStore and can be installed on iPads as usual. I don’t know anything about Android.

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yeah, sorry, mine is Android.

I’ll try to chat with the customer service.


Got a android tablet and the app is not copatible with my device. (No phone)
Got a account on my phone but use on a tablet should be fixable…

Works perfectly on Nexus 7. Install Revolut on phone from Google Play. Then use APK Extractor, get Revolut apk, transfer apk to tablet, install, enjoy. Still you will need phone to get SMS with code.


Let’s make it a +1, here, for android tablets.
Thanks @amen for the solution, but Revolut: come on, this is not the way.
And no, the web app is not enough for my tablet!

Any news on this? I need my app back!

I don’t need a UI optimization or such, the phone one was good enough to be used, so please Revolut, give us back the app! Thanks!