Revlout not compatible with PayPal in US

PayPal advises that Revolut is not compatible with PayPal. I got the following reply from PayPal:

"We couldn’t add your bank account because some banks aren’t supported by PayPal.
We can confirm most banks and credit unions. Unfortunately, there are some banks that aren’t compatible with PayPal, including most online only or prepaid banks."

Revolut should work with PayPal to fix this issue.

You still can use PayPal with your Revolut card, right?

I don’t think so, as Revolut issues only prepaid card in US. And PayPal charges a fee for both debit and credit cards.

So you also can not add your Revolut card to PayPal? I never tried to add a bank account but all kinds of cards did always work.

Here in US, PayPal and CashApp don’t accept Revolut as a regular bank and the cards issued by Revolut as they are prepaid . Also, Revolut doesn’t work with Plaid which has become standard way of connecting accounts here.

So this here does not work?

This is not a bug. This is PayPal banning Revolut on other fintech banks to piss people off using this competing services. (They will never admit to this, but someone at PayPal once told me via the phone that the risk involved with these online-only banks was too high, because “terrorists could be using the accounts, because there is no in-person contact between the bank and user”. I know this is utter bullshit and I firmly believe they are just scared for Revolut as it could become a huge competitor.)

So anyway STORY TIME:

In the past, when Revolut changed from LT-IBANs to GB-IBANs, some people were able to add their Revolut bank accounts via the website when they were still unbanned. Later after they got banned, there was still a loophole via the PayPal iOS app that would still allow you to add Revolut-IBANs without any problems.
They found out and closed that loophole too.

Now with Brexit all GB-IBANs for people in Europe were shut off, so we also lost our way to connect our bank account to PayPal.

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I’m assuming this “problem” is only US related as I have my Revolut card connected to my Paypal account here in the UK. In the Paypal app it shows as Prepaid (Revolut Visa)

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