Reverted transactions.


I was on holidays in Canada recently and since coming back I’m having lots of transaction reverted. They’re all at least 10 days old but every few hours I seem to get another transaction reverted, the money put back into my account and the graph showing expenditure at the top of the app looks like I’ve never spent it in the first place.

If it had been a single transaction I would accept the FAQ line about it being the vendor’s issue but all 6 transactions are from different vendors, some of whom I’ve made multiple transactions with and there seems to be no reason why specific transactions are being reverted.

I’m waiting on a live agent in the chat but from other users reports, that won’t be a quick process and I’m left with a dubious balance that I can’t touch for fear of the transaction restoring themselves. What’s going on here?


Me too. Keep us updated please.


Hey, same problem here with a payment which I did now 8 days ago, on the 13. August at 6:53pm in Mexico. It just got reverted, but I don’t know why. There are other people as well here, but it seems like that Revolut don’t want to answer.


Got an answer from CS on chat


Hi! I hace received sometida messages about reverted payments during a trip to UK last week. Chat support only said that “If the merchant has yet to accept your payment and 7 or more days have passed, the funds may be reverted back to your account - dependant on the transaction type. Alternatively a merchant can cancel a payment at the point of sale, due to security issues.”

Do you know if the payments will be eventually return yo the sellers?? I am very worried, I’m going to UK again next week to work and I dont know if I can continue using the card… Thanks!