Revamping Our Revolut Community 🚀

Here’s more of an analysis than a proposal how to fix it. Two major “problems” seem to be discovery of solutions and replying to old posts. Both are somewhat connected.

If there’s a bug that affects many, or with general things like getting in touch with support without access to the app, there are thousands of posts in various threads explaining what one can do. Two things happen: new users do not spend enough time to read and discover the solution. Or they identify a thread, read a couple of super old posts and then reply, without realizing that the post is 5 years old and the person that helped before is no longer active in this community. They haven’t made it all the way through the thread to the end, yet their question is added at the bottom. This leads to comical situations of users trying to be helpful, responding with “please read the post right in front of yours”. It’s frustrating for everyone involved. Threads literally become broken records, repeating the identical question with the identical answer endlessly.

Trust levels have that in mind, that new users should search posts first, and read. As a long time user of this community I think that’s a good idea. But it gets in the way if all a new user wants is support in a potentially stressful situation. Only three ideas come to mind to improve this: marking individual posts as “solutions” for a problem to increase discoverability. And actual support from Revolut staff. Maybe there‘s a way to label former Revolut staff more clearly as inactive? Thanks for taking over that responsibility, @Mariana_Rodrigues. :smiley:


Hi @Frank :wave:

Thank you so much for your feedback on this. Really appreciate it, and we will look into ways on how to improve this :eyes:

Thank you for helping us shape our Community :heart:

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another factor not explored by @Frank is that Discourse - the underlying software for the community - is essentially discussion based (or has that expectation for users).
I also use a number of Q&A forums in All Sites - Stack Exchange where it is quite often the case that new questions are raised on a matter that has already been addressed with a range of answers to consider. If a question is duplicated, it is marked as such by high rep users and moderated to remove or prevent further posts against off-topic subjects within the terms of use.
I like that format to be honest. Whether it would suit everyone here is mute but it is often easier to find references to specific issues. People who leave the site often have their accounts anonymised which has the effect of retaining the old content but removing any original reference to any prior status. That said, there is no notification to alert someone to the fact a quoted post concerns a user who has now left the site…


@Mariana_Rodrigues Between 2018 and 2020, Revolut had support for local NOK account numbers. They were removed when the partnership with Danske Bank ended in 2020. Any plans on getting those back? Without support for local NOK account numbers, we can’t get our salaries into the app. Making it much less useful for us Norwegians. See the thread Local NOK account numbers