Revamping Our Revolut Community 🚀

Hi everyone :wave: .

Did you miss us? Well, today we’re here with some great news.

Your voices have been heard, and we’re revamping our :r: Community. We want you to feel at home, so get ready to see some changes happening.

We’ll be sharing more content with you soon, so stay tuned :eyes: .

Oh, and don’t forget to drop your feedback below. We’re happy to listen to your ideas :rocket: !

Mariana I Revolut Team


Also, the site says if you need help, message a staff member - there’s no option for me to message them! Why are you making it difficult for customers to get help?

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Why can I not post a topic? I am a Revolut customer, and should be able to ask questions without having to gain a “trust” level because of my “safety”. Hopefully your community changes you mention mean that your customers can actually take part?

You chat advisors just don’t have a great understanding of any query other than the most basic, so figured community help was where to go - but it seems you don’t want customers to get help?

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Activate Dark-Mode :frowning:


That’s a nice one @Mattia95 :rocket:


Hi there!

Sorry to hear about your trouble @Tripledrop. We have a user trust level system to prevent crawlers, and duplicated topics. If you could not find any topic related to your query, please feel free to reach out to me directly or contact our support team in your in-app chat.

Let me know if I can help further :smiling_face:

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@Tripledrop its easy to do… it’s called tagging. Just use the @ symbol in front of the user name as I have done here with you… As soon as you use @ it provides a list of users already contributing to the topic otherwise just use the known user name of someone else who has not yet contributed to the topic and they will be tagged.


Nice to see some improvements coming along, revolut user for some time now, love the app though wish it would have a redesign, specifically the transactions list.

Any idea when this is likely to happen, if at all?

Also, any news on the banking licence :pray:


I saw this cross-posted on another site, so thought I’d come check out what’s happeneing

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This is weird, I joined the community five years ago and I have:

  • 1h read time
  • 102 topics viewed
  • 773 posts read
  • 3 likes given
  • 3 likes received
  • 2 topics created
  • 1 post created
    but I am still a basic user with no possibility to create posts. Why?

Hi @Carl_1460 :wave:

We are happy to hear that you are an avid fan of Revolut. Stay tuned to our Community :rocket:

Hi @ols :wave:

You should be able to use all the basic features around the Community with your level, including creating Topics, without any trouble.

Have you tried refreshing your login?

Thank you :r:

Before I posted the above comment I logged out & in without any changes.
Now, when I came back here after your comment it seems that the promotion to the regular user has caught up. Thank you for responding!

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Looking forward to the changes. From my reading of the forum, the single thing that could be done to reduce user frustration would be to sort out the user experience for new forum members. To be sent a message inviting you to start a new topic when your user level does not allow you, but you do not know this, does not set new forum members off on the best path. It is fine for Revolut to change the standard Discourse settings, but this should be clearly communicated to new users and the welcome message should reflect this.


Hi @beneix !

Thank you so much for your great feedback. Would you believe a post explaining Trust Levels would be a great start for new users? :thinking:

Let us know! We are here to help :rocket:

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I think that would be quite valuable.
Whilst the information about TL’s is readily available from the hamburger menu (3 parallel lines icon on the Revolut top bar) it’s hidden below the FAQ menu and not immediately obvious.
Perhaps adding in the link to understanding Discourse Trust Levels at the bottom of the hamburger menu options so it is more apparent (may be under About and FAQ) would be a step forwards and linking to it in any welcome message so that new users are more informed about it so expectations about creating new topics is more clearly understood. That might reduce some of the chagrin or frustration seen from time to time.
Further, using a darker colour for links in topics might also make them more recognisable by less experienced or aware users.


Sounds like a great idea @Graham_Lees ! Thank you so much for those insights :eyes:

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