Rev Rally 8 May 2019


:r: announced their next RevRally in a week.
Anything related to it can be discussed here.

You can expect a bunch of new updates on things like wealth and trading, Apple and Google Pay, our new Group Vaults feature and a sneak peak at our new metal card colours.

Stream (should also work to watch later):

Be aware that the sound of the speeches is terrible and you probably have to set your volume to the max

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Priorities for Improvements and new Features
Apple Pay support
Why Revolut app is not developped?

I still hope they will say more to Apple Pay than just “It’s coming really soon” or “It’s in final stage of preparations”.


Do you remember any card issuer ever being more concrete about Apple Pay release date before Apple itself made an announcement?

Latest example:


Yes, N26 announced a lot of new countries. If Apple allows it Revolut can tell us something.


Honestly, that’s what I hope for every announcement they may include.
Announcing something as “coming soon” when it’s not something that wasn’t revealed before is a waste for everybody attending in my opinion.

The group vault feature sounds really interesting without knowing further details.


You mean something like this? Countries: yes, precise dates: no. That’s what I meant. You never get more than “coming soon”.

And as a follow up, when people ask about concrete dates:

Looks familiar to me.


Yes I meant this. No one before N26 announced these countries. They were first.


Do you know if the event will be streamed live somewhere?


I think so :slight_smile:


Is anyone from this forum here at the event? I am.


I decided to go to a concert instead. Enjoy!


Well, I really don’t expect anything exceptional. Group vaults and new Metal colors? Really? Even a dark mode in the app would be a bigger deal.

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Everyone does dark mode. Only Revolut is revolutionary enough to pull off light mode.


stream link
presentation only starts after the first half hour

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They should really have a training on how to handle the microphone and how to use it on streams.
The on-off of the speakers is so annoying

Edit: “keep the vault names clean - we can see them” that sounds like a challenge rather than an advice :smiley:


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It has frightened me :(- No Gpay in PL

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“we don’t promote it [google pay] because we don’t want to annoy the visa cardholders” - nice excuse


Before they re thinking about stocks etc. they should better introduce local CHF transfer instead of sending CHF by Swift…

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this is actually an issue of using currencyclound