/ money request without account not available


Seems that good things least just a bit. seems is not available anymore. To request money and be able to pay by card without to create an account.

I was very happy about to try the service… :cry:


According to support it is down for maintenance at the moment.


Yes, you’re right. It doesn’t work for some time…


Couple of weeks??? Damn!


What can I say… Typical revolut’s answer :joy::rofl:


Like the crypto.

Or like my card

Or like premium services

Or like anything else Revolut offers. “Soon” or “couple of weeks” has a totally different meaning, usually years :man_facepalming:


@AndreasK, this is exactly why I complained in order to get :r: premium cancelled early. You’re missing on providing your users with both info and features, and the timeline is always vague and disappointing. Announced dates are never met, and then, when the features are launched with a delay, they’re half-baked and full of bugs. Mainly unusable or bad., the Lithuanian IBAN, cryptocurrencies, device insurance, offers, arrival to the USA and Australia…

You can either decide to be profoundly late, like you do, and release a working product, or meet the public deadline even if the product is not ready. But you can not do both, presenting a terrible product with a big delay, providing no homogeneous info along the way.

Just like @Karol said:


If we complain we cannot forget about Polish accounts and Android (Google)/ Apple Pay, which were promised until the end of previous (2017) year…