isn't working for external users


All links I generated are broken. Error 500 received:


Its been like that for days, I did report it to the chat people, they showed no real interest, making me log out log in get a new access code waste a lot of time etc. Then suggested a bank transfer. Now low and behold they say their cards are failing again, so anyone with a failed charged will be waiting up to 10 days to get their money back, even though the top man said on the blog he was on it and sorting it out.


Ouch. Twitter says there is problem with mastercard network now.

“There is a problem with the MasterCard network which is causing some card payments to fail. This issue is affecting a large number of international banks. We’ll update you as soon as we know more.”

Time to grab some popcorn and watch it happen :crazy_face:


He is looking a tad foolish now, maybe they should get someone who can do the job properly, Revolut customers deserve much better.


England lose the World Cup and the whole UK stopped working!


I dont blame Revolut if its really mastercard network problem (and their twitter says it is). But there is some things revolut could probably improve (something Curve implemented (or implementing) - in short, when there is problem with network, Curve takes risk and process payment anyway (offline), but to be able to do this it needs to be arranged with Mastercard first and also not sure if its even possible with prepaid cards. (Curve card ir Debit, not prepaid).


Does monzo have the same offline technique?


I’m not sure the outage and these broken external links are linked. I have never gotten these external links to work. Always receive the same error as OP.


It used to work for me but it still not fixed though I reported it more than 48h ago :frowning:


I presume they are going to be returning all premium fees for offering a service that doesn;t work? I suspect the Revolut rep with jump in at any minute and confirm this


Hi this issue has been resolved.