Rev for Business-> Rev Personal a/c transfer not possible?


Has Anyone managed to successfully transfer Euro from a UK Based Revolut Business account to a UK based Revolut Personal account - Euro account ? Because I have not.
I have tried setting up internal transfers, international transfers, local or international counterparties, and have spent hours with tech support on this, and it appears that this is not presently possible. The revolut personal Euro account is referenced via IBAN & BIC so I am making the assumption that it must be an international transfer, as the BIC is not a legal UK sortcode.This is some form of pooled / shared revolut Euro account. I regularly get ‘invalid sort code’ or ‘transfer not allowed’ messages. The use case is: All my trade is in Euro, but I am based in UK and pay UK tax (GBP) , but pay salary in Euro.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Hi @ctgarvey this is a great question! We for sure will be enabling this functionality very soon. In the meantime, businesses are sending GBP to Revolut personal account’s instead; which then are converted to EUR as needed (at interbank exchange rate hence no loss in such a workaround). Nonetheless, we’re looking at 3-4 business days to enabling Revolut Business (EUR)->Revolut personal (EUR) transfers. Best regards and let us know if you have any other concerns or suggestions - your feedback is very important for us.